Upcoming Meetings        

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Past Meetings     

            At the June 25, 2018 meeting held at the NCSLPH, a decontamination forum was held with James Grantham (Formaldehyde) from Nextec, John Klostermyer (Hydrogen peroxide vapor), STERIS, Don Eddington (Peracetic acid fogging), Eddington & Bond Associates, and Mark Czarneski (Chlorine dioxide) from Clordisys. Click on each presenter's name to view presentations.  

           At the February 8th, 2018 meeting we elected new Board Members, Donald Eddington (President), Cathy Moore (President Elect), Kristin Long (Treasurer) and Jessica Poole (Secretary). Our Past President, Patrick Condreay, presented an update on ABSA International:

  • ABSA International (1506 members -- 85 international, 27 countries, 440 credentialed professionals)
  • New Website, Distance Learning, CBSP Exam changes, Government Agency Collaborations
  • New Task Forces (Biosecurity, New/Emerging Pathogens, Curriculum/Education)
  • Expanding ABSAs influence
  •  61st Annual Biological Safety Conference in Charleston, SC -- October 12-17th

Dr. Todd Kuiken also presented on the topic of the response of the DIYbio community to concerns about responsible science. Dr Kuiken is a Senior Research Scholar with the Genetic Engineering and Society Center at NC State where he explores the scientific and technological frontier, stimulating discovery and bringing new tools to bear on public policy challenges that emerge as science advances. He has numerous projects evaluating and designing new research and governance strategies to proactively address the biosafety, biosecurity and environmental risks associated with emerging genetic technologies. Contact Dr. Kuiken if YOU are interested in the fellowship program expected to start in Fall 2018 (

Presentation - "Biosafety in a world without walls."

                        At the June 29th, 2017 meeting we toured the Certek modular laboratory facility. Certek has the unique ability to design and construct a modular laboratory monitor by a Biosafety Professional and deliver a fully equipped and tested modular unit providing a safe and afforable working environment for prime efficiency and maximum productivity.   

                        At the March 30th, 2017 meeting we toured the State Laboratory of Public Health. CaBSA hosted a brief meeting and presentation by State Lab representatives. Afterwards we will split into two groups. One group toured the building while the other group toured the BSL-3 training labThe training lab has the ability to demonstrate the building automation system.

                        At the November 11th, 2016 meeting we toured the greenhouses on the Bayer Crop Sciences Facility at 2 TW Alexander Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.

                   At the July 7th, 2016 meeting we hosted Janis D. Matthews MT(ASCP)SM, MPH- Health and Safety Specialist from Duke University Health System, Occupational and Environmental Safety Office at the Bayer Bee Center at 2 TW Alexander Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.  Janis presented " Tuberculosis Pathogenesis and Transmission”. In her position at Duke, Janis performs duties related to the prevention, control, and monitoring of occupational exposure to biological agents with a primary focus on tuberculosis. This includes exposure investigations, updating and maintaining the Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan, and the education and training of health system personnel. She participates in Environment of Care (EOC) audits to maintain institutional compliance to the requirements of The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. She also provides leadership to the EOC audit team of the hospital-based facilities, both inpatient and ambulatory while monitoring the reports of team members involved in the EOC audit process.

            At the March 8th,  2016 meeting we hosted Independent Consultant, Wayne Parker at the Bayer Bee Center at 2 TW Alexander Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Wayne presented "Autoclaving - How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes".  Wayne worked for Amsco (now Steris) for 40 years. He retired in 2012.  During his career he held the following positions Field Service Technician, Field Technical Specialist, Sales Rep, Project Manager,  Region Pharma Application Specialist, cGMP Field Project Manager and Research Field Project Manager. Wayne is a long time member of ISPE and AALAS. Mr. Parker has provided training on moist heat sterilization to over 50 prominent institutions including Merck, Biogen, Hospira, Johns Hopkins University, etc. Wayne has also lectured at University of Tennessee, Memphis an accredited course in Aseptic Processing 4 times a year for the past 20 years.